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Around The Traps-3

Taking Stock | July 2016

What a crazy start to the school term! Visits to the orthodontist (an hour and a half’s drive away), birthdays for Toby and Meg, a quick trip to the mountains for a friends 40th birthday (we met when we were in the same class in year 7 – that’s 28 years of friendship!), as well […]

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Lemon Cream Cake-7

Lemon Cream Cake

I always struggle to find motivation and creativity at this time of year. The short, cold days, combined with the busyness of work mean that there is not much room left in my head for new ideas. This

Road Tripping-5

Road Tripping

We are back after a week of road tripping around the Victorian Goldfields. It's one of those things we had been meaning to do with the kids, and about four weeks before the winter break, I said to CB

A Big Old World Out There-1-2

It’s A Big Old World Out There

Growing up, my parents loved to take us all on a road trip. I remember trips all over the place, usually with our camper trailer hitched on the back of car. When I was in Year 6 they packed all four

How to survive a road trip with kids

How To Survive A Road Trip With Kids

We are going for a long drive to Echuca, Bendigo, and Ballarat these holidays. I haven't been there since I was 10 which was several years ago (ahem), but I've often wanted to take the kids there, and

Around The Traps-7

Around The Traps Lately…

My goodness it's been a few weeks between blog posts. I've read in a few places about the concept of tilting. Leaning into those areas of life that are currently demanding more of your time and

One Thing - The Laundry Shelves-3

One Thing : The Laundry Shelves

The cold wet weather has brought with it a few visitors of the four legged variety. It seems they like our cosy warm house much more inviting than the wet and wilds of the great outdoors. As per our

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Homemade Honeycomb

As part of my job, I’m often cooking all sorts of things that I would never normally make at home. Usually it’s to demonstrate to my students some principle of food preparation or a particular skill that they need to know. Occasionally I will take some of my creations home for my kids, but usually […]

Spiced Beetroot Relish-6

Spiced Beetroot Relish

Well the cold weather has arrived with a vengeance around these parts. Inside, the fire is toasty warm so we keep it going all day and all night. Outside though, it is definitely heading into Winter. We’ve had such a long, mild Autumn that I had quite forgotten just how cold it can be. In […]

Morning Mist-12

Misty Morning

Despite being a farmer’s wife, I’m not a get up early kind of person. Not at all. The Country Boy is, but not me. So when, on Sunday morning, Country Boy got up early, announced to me that it was beautiful and misty outside and that he was grabbing the camera and going for a […]

Milked Dry-1-2

Milked Dry

You might have seen this segment on The Project on Tuesday night, or read about how dairy farmers are being “milked dry” (I shared it on my Facebook page yesterday). I first read about the issue on the landline website which you should also check out. Being married to a farmer, I get to see first hand how […]

Taking Stock - Autumn 2016-2

Taking Stock | May 2016

Well blink, and suddenly we are three weeks back into Term Two. On the farm, shearing happened without me even managing to get a photo in the shed. I guess that shows just how full life has been lately. I’m trying not to use the word “busy”. Over the weekend I did manage to grab […]

Crochet Star Bunting-6

A Crochet Star Garland

I’ve been busy crocheting again. After my globetrotter blanket, I wanted something a little smaller to work on in my spare moments. I had pinned some crochet stars on Pinterest, so thought I would have a go at making some into a star garland. For me, half the fun of crochet is fiddling around to work out […]

How To Freeze Herb-3

How To Freeze Herbs

Our basil was super late growing this year. Earwigs ate the first lot of plants, and the second lot took a while to get going. We even ended up buying several batches of basil to cook with because we didn’t have any in the garden. At long last however, the basil plants are full of […]

Things That Didn't Work Out-1-5

Projects That Haven’t Worked Out Like We Planned

We are always trying new things here on the farm. We love to take on a new project and see where it goes. Most of the time, the projects go well, and I often share them here on the blog. Occasionally though, our projects don’t quite go how we planned. So here are some projects […]

Apple Cranberry And Dark Chocolate Loaf-3

Apple, Cranberry, And Dark Chocolate Loaf

During the Autumn holidays we went for a drive down to Canberra. We had a little shopping to do, and we also wanted to check out the National Arboretum, which we have driven past several times, but have not actually visited. After a morning spent in a large shopping center, the Arboretum was just what we needed. […]

The Rope Swing-3

One Thing: The Rope Swing

Long time readers here might remember how much my kids love the rope swing in our front yard. They happily swing for hours, spend time doing fancy tricks, and even invent routines they perform. It gave the me the occasional heart attack when we first moved here, but these days they are fine swinging through […]