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Morning Mist-12

Misty Morning

Despite being a farmer’s wife, I’m not a get up early kind of person. Not at all. The Country Boy is, but not me. So when, on Sunday morning, Country Boy got up early, announced to me that it was beautiful and misty outside and that he was grabbing the camera and going for a […]

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Milked Dry-1-2

Milked Dry

You might have seen this segment on The Project on Tuesday night, or read about how dairy farmers are being "milked dry" (I shared it on my Facebook page yesterday). I first read about the

Taking Stock - Autumn 2016-2

Taking Stock | May 2016

Well blink, and suddenly we are three weeks back into Term Two. On the farm, shearing happened without me even managing to get a photo in the shed. I guess that shows just how full life has been

Crochet Star Bunting-6

A Crochet Star Garland

I've been busy crocheting again. After my globetrotter blanket, I wanted something a little smaller to work on in my spare moments. I had pinned some crochet stars on Pinterest, so thought I would

How To Freeze Herb-3

How To Freeze Herbs

Our basil was super late growing this year. Earwigs ate the first lot of plants, and the second lot took a while to get going. We even ended up buying several batches of basil to cook with because we

Apple Cranberry And Dark Chocolate Loaf-3

Apple, Cranberry, And Dark Chocolate Loaf

During the Autumn holidays we went for a drive down to Canberra. We had a little shopping to do, and we also wanted to check out the National Arboretum, which we have driven past several times, but

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The Rope Swing-3

One Thing: The Rope Swing

Long time readers here might remember how much my kids love the rope swing in our front yard. They happily swing for hours, spend time doing fancy tricks, and even invent routines they perform. It gave the me the occasional heart attack when we first moved here, but these days they are fine swinging through […]

Apple Scrolls-4

Passionfruit Curd Tartlets

Growing up my parents always had a couple of passionfruit vines growing on the fence. Every summer we would be able to pick some, cut them in half, and spoon out their delicious pulp. If they were too sour, we’d add a sprinkle of sugar, and keep right on going. Passionfruit went our Christmas  pavlovas, and sometime […]


Plans And Projects

On the Monday before Easter, Country Boy announced that he thought that we should build an outdoor wood fired pizza oven over the long weekend. It’s something that we had been wanted make for several years now, but we just hadn’t got there yet. We already have a whole lot of kiln bricks, so how […]

Apple Scrolls-1

Apple Scrolls

The orchard has begun to bear some serious fruit. After last year where we got half a dozen apples, I wasn’t quite ready for the sudden influx of apples this year. Fortunately apples are one of the kids favourite foods, and the apple slinky machine is getting a good work out. Our apples are heritage […]


Things I Don’t Do That Keep Life Simple

From time to time I get emails asking me how I “do it all?”. How do I balance the whole work/family/farm/life thing and still keep our life simple? The truth is that very often I don’t. Or should I say we don’t, because living simply is a whole family exercise. It’s not just down to […]



Hello from Narooma, on the South Coast of NSW. It’s one of our favourite spots to get away, and we have been here almost every year since we moved to the farm. We’ve finally made it to the holidays! The last week of term seemed like a sprint, with so much to do, and not nearly […]

Top Family Friendly Audio Books

9 Audio Books The Whole Family Will Love

We’re heading out on a mammoth trip these holidays – well OK, we’re not exactly driving across the country, but we do have a big week and a half of travelling ahead of us. Today, we are heading up to Sydney, dropping the little two at my parents and spending the night at Homebush so […]

Pumpkin & Fetta Pull-Apart Bread

Pumpkin And Feta Pull Apart Bread

There is something soothing about making bread. Kneading the dough until it is smooth and satiny – neither sticky nor dry. It is something that I do quite regularly at work with my primary students (usually to make pizzas), but not so often at home. Which is silly because, despite the recipe looking complex, making bread is […]

One Thing - The Trampoline

One Thing: The Trampoline

I’m back with yet another #onething, and oh my goodness this one has been on the list for 12 months! The trampoline – or more specifically getting a new net and edge pad for the trampoline. The net had several small rips, and the pad had worn completely through in places, but when Toby managed […]

Pear And Ginger Cake-3

Pear And Ginger Cake

Autumn has arrived at last, and with it the Autumn harvest. Though the tomatoes have slowed down a little, the pears and apples in the orchard are ripe for picking, so there is no let up on the cooking and preserving going on in the farmhouse kitchen. The Easter long weekend proved the perfect opportunity […]