Lemon Blueberry Tart


Long before CB and I had children, we used to think of possible business ideas. Things that could combine our talents, provide an income and give us time together doing something we loved. Of course, most of our ideas really were just fantasies. But it is fun to dream, so often on long drives, we…

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Over the last week of the holidays, the kids went up to stay with my parents in the Mountains. CB and I used the time to get lots of things done (and sleep in without kids wanting our attention).  On ...

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One Thing | That Room

It's been a while since I shared a one thing. One thing is doing that thing that isn't part of your everyday routine, but is something that you have been meaning to do forever. If it ever stops ...

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Spring Vegetable And Ricotta Tart

We have been super excited to watch our asparagus patch finally yield us some delicious morsels. Asparagus takes several years before you can eat the stems, so when they started poking their heads out ...

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In The Garden | September 2016

Well it seems like ages since I took you for a little stroll around our garden. Let's blame the cold and wet because, my goodness, we have had plenty of both. With Spring poking its head out, and the ...

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Roasted Cauliflower Salad-2

Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Salad

And just like that, it is Spring again. My goodness I’m ready for some sunshine, and a little bit of warmth in the air. And no rain. Please no more rain (for a few weeks anyway)! It seems strange that to be saying that after such a dry Summer and Autumn. There was even talk of the…

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9 Simple Tips To Begin Decluttering (1)

9 Simple Tips To Begin Decluttering

One of the biggest blockers to decluttering your home can be just knowing where to begin. We often know that we want to start simplifying, but we just don’t know where to begin. So we don’t do anything. The clutter just stays there. Over the past few years I have slowly been decluttering and simplifying,…

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How To Roll Pastry

How To Roll Pastry

I’m back with another kitchen hack. This time I wanted to share my little trick for rolling pastry or biscuit dough without getting flour all over kitchen. Before I had worked out this hack, I used to avoid making pastry because of the mess. Flour would always manage to be spread all over the kitchen…

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One Thing - The Craft Cupboard-5

One Thing : The Craft Cupboard

Do you have a craft cupboard? In our house we have a nice old cupboard in which we store all our craft supplies. All the bits of fabric that I have (which, surprisingly, is not that much), sewing supplies, paint, glue, and the odds and ends left over from the various crafts I have dabbled in over…

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Orange Rhubarb Syrup Cake-3

Orange Rhubarb Syrup Cake

Well the sun finally poked out between the clouds on Saturday and it was glorious! When the days are relentlessly grey, and wet, and cold, you almost forget what the sun looks like. So I wandered around the farm for an hour or so and just soaked the sun up on my back. After a few…

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