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The Photobook

One Thing: The Annual Photo Book

I’m on a #OneThing bent this year courtesy of BabyMac. A drive to get some of those extra things that I always think about doing when I’m in bed, or driving the car. The week before school went back, it was all about the photo book. I’ve talked about how we do photobooks before, but […]

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Farm Update - December 2015-4

What To Do With Extra Fruit And Vegetables

Anyone who has ever grown their own food knows this problem: One day you have hardly any fruit or vegetables, and the next day all the plants are ready to harvest and you have more than you can

Spicy Plum Sauce-5

Spicy Plum Sauce

The orchard is really starting to bear fruit. Every other day it seems Country Boy comes in with a report of what fruit is ready, or a basket of already picked fruit for us to eat. Some, such as

What do you think now-

How Do You Like Me Now

I share lots of projects and ideas here, and I always like to leave them a few weeks before I share them, so that I can check them out and see if they really work. Every now and then though, I also

Around the farm-8

Around The Farm | Summer 2016

Well we are well and truly back into everyday life after the fun of the summer holidays. Over the break we managed to take the camera out and snap quite a few pics around the farm. After lots of warm

Fruit Icecream-3

Fresh Fruit “Ice Cream”

I have been meaning to share the recipe for this little treat we have been making over the summer holidays. While school is now back, the weather is still hot, so we are still enjoying our treat. It

Taking stock-6

Taking Stock | January 2016

January really is my favourite month of the year. It is almost as if it doesn't really count in the year, because we are on holidays, and spend our time reading, creating, and with family. Of course

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Starting School

Starting School

I started blogging just after Toby turned one, so it seems hardly possible, but my little chap is off to big school for the first time this week. He is joining his sisters at the little school in the village. We are as ready as we will ever be in terms of the stuff we […]

Tomato Mozzarella Tart-6

Roasted Tomato And Mozzarella Tart

I’m back at the farm after a week in the mountains with my family while the kids did some swimming lessons, and I enjoyed the convenience of living in town. Country Boy stayed to keep the farm turning over while we were gone. When we arrived home on Saturday, there was a bowl of tomatoes […]

a guide to minimalist living

54 Items You Can (And Should) Declutter

I’m on my annual summer decluttering binge. Something about the new year gives me energy and makes me crave order. Over the past few years I have gone through most of our house so we don’t have much unwanted clutter, but it is still amazing how much stuff can build up. Kids grow out of […]

Honey Spice Biscuits-4

Honey Spice Biscuits

One of the things I love about having primary aged children, is that they are so much more independent than littlies. It is truly amazing being able to hop in the car without having to do up multiple seat belts, and I even occasionally (not always) get to go to the toilet without interruption (now […]


Things We Like | The Summer Holiday 2016 Edition

The best thing about summer holidays?? OK, there are lots of great things, but one thing that I love is that it gives us a chance to read, play board games, watch movies, and generally relax. The aftermath of Christmas means we usually have a few new toys to try out as well. So here […]

Fruit Picking-22

Summer Fruit Picking

January around these parts always means fruit picking. Mulberries from the old tree, wild plums of every colour that grow along the creek, peaches off trees on the sides of the road, and now, even a few of our orchard trees have given us a little fruit. With my sister and brother in law visiting, […]

Dry your own chillies-2

How To Dry Chillies

Last summer, Country Boy’s chilli plants were prolific. We had chillies everywhere, and while I quite like a little bit of spice in my food, there was no way we could possibly eat them all. To use up the left over chillies I had a go at drying them. It worked beautifully, and was really […]

Mulberry Yoghurt Cake-4

Mulberry Yoghurt Cake

There is an old mulberry tree down in the paddock behind the orchard. We think it was planted by CB’s great grandfather, so it is well over 100 years old. It has stood through storms and droughts, cold winters and hot summers. Each summer we traipse down the hill and spend a morning or two […]

One Thing-2

One Thing: The First Aid Kit

Beth from BabyMac introduced me to the idea of doing #onething (complete with hashtag – though I’m nowhere near cool enough to pull off a hashtag) last year. The idea is to try and do one thing that is not on your everyday list. Not the essentials in life, but the things that you always say […]

Magic Beach 2016-18

A Week Away

We are back from a week away with my family. We read books. We walked by the lake. We fished (well CB did). We swam. We relaxed. We ran around with cousins. We played cricket on the lake shore as the sunset. Of course I took loads of photos. Not as many as some years, […]